Saturday, 24 March 2012

Top Marks: A Limited Collection secret

The reason M&S became cool, Source
On one of my recent shopping trips, I had a quick peek in Marks and Spencers. A couple of years ago, still swamped in my sulky teen years, if someone had said that I would willingly check out the fashion in this shop I would have laughed. Then immediately sworn it would never happen.

For me, it was a place filled with unhappy memories of my mum trying to get me to try on another pair of ill fitting jeans. Then, as she would try and look at clothes for herself, my brother and I would start an argument over who won thumb war. We would spend hours there, and all I would see was sad looking clothes hanging on masses of rails.

But now, Marks and Spencers has finally won me over. I think it began when they started their food range; the seduction from percy pigs was just too enticing. Cleverly, the store always plants their food section at the back of the shop, so on one of my trips for my guilty pleasure, something caught my eye.

The garments were under the title of 'Limited Collection', an interesting marketing ploy that immediately made me dissociate these clothes from the norm. Then I had seen the advertising campaign, featuring a fresh faced Lily Cole in her prime. From then on I was hooked, smugly believing I had stumbled upon a fashion secret.

Now, although Cole does not front the campaign anymore, the collection is still strong. Here are my favorite picks:

All Marks and Spencer Limited Collection, price from left: £22.50, sale price £19, £27.50, sale price £19
All Marks and Spencer Limited Collection, price from left: £45, £35, £32.50, £45

I love this collection for its vibrant prints and different structured dresses. Marks and Spencers may not be producing ground breaking fashion, but they take the trends and make them wearable. I find the brand safe and reliable, which in some cases is a blessing. Marks and Spencers are not trying to be the next Topshop, and I actually respect that. Their prices reflect the quality and they really do cater for all ages. Now, I can finally appreciate it. So if you want to find some clothes which you know your best friend might not be wearing, have a look at my hidden secret. Marks and Spencers may just take you by surprise.

Have you discovered the great fashion pieces in Marks and Spencers?

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