Thursday, 31 May 2012

Kelly Brook's first collection for New Look!

When I first heard that New Look had added Kelly Brook as a designer for their high street brand I was slightly dubious. I suddenly pictured lots of swimwear, ill fitting and lacking in any sort of style. But, to my suprise, she has created a line which is fun and quirky. She says she wanted to create a collection which would look good on curvy girls who struggle to find clothes that fit properly. From the pictures below it appears she has managed to do what she wanted to achieve as all the clothes look flattering and easy to wear. To add to this new collections attractiveness are the prices. The clothes start at £14.99 and end at a reasonable £39.99. My favourite pick is the cute bralet and floral short combo as it would look great dressed up or down.



See more of the collection in this video here.

Collection goes on sale today in selected stores and online now!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Topshop shines at Met Ball

Jaime King in Topshop

As I scoured through the many, many, dresses that graced the most stylish event of the year I stumbled upon two very gorgeous outfits. Was the designer Gucci, Prada? Or even Chanel? No they had been designed by British high street retailer Topshop! For a high street brand to be seen amongst all the designer garments at an occasion like the Met Ball is a fabulous achievement. I hope this is the start of many events where the high street can be spotted!

Dree Hemingway in Topshop 

Interview with Gwyneth Moore founder of


I first discovered Gwyneth Moore last summer. I was interning at ITV Wales and I had been given an opportunity to write a guest blog for their website. Fashion was my obvious choice but finding a current story for this proved a challenge. I decided on a charity fashion show piece and set up various interviews to help with my article. That was when I first spoke to Gwyneth and I remember feeling a huge sense of relief that someone was willing to help a trainee journalist. Due to this experience I knew that Gwyneth would be perfect to interview in my quest to establish a successful blog.

Why? Because she writes the most successful fashion blog in Wales:, finally putting the welsh capital on the fashion map. As she drove home from a busy day at work we discussed how she managed to crack the blogging sphere.
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