Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Geordie Split


There is one thing you should know about me. I love matching clothes on screen to ones that are in the shops. If someone says "oooh I love that dress Mercedes from Hollyoaks is wearing", I will find the exact one from Topshop. Recently I have had quite a few questions on where particular garments are from, and to my increasing smugness I have found them. However, there is one particular on screen fashion trend which I cannot find ANYWHERE. I am literally tearing my hair out over this challenge.

Does anyone watch Geordie Shore?

If you don't, you should and you will. Although it is completely shocking at times it is highly addictive and includes some quite trendy Geordie men. Have a look next week, MTV Tuesday at 10pm, and see two of the characters Gaz and James sporting some split design vests and t-shirts. Now, although you might have to look past the orange tan, they are pretty cool and my boyfriend keeps commenting on them. So I spent the rest of the evening scouring the internet for a good copy or the real deal. Nothing. Seriously. Where have these guys found a t-shirt which apparently no high street store owns? This is completely aggravating as a change in mens attire is about a frequent as James actually pulling a girl. (inside Geordie Shore joke, apologies.)

So, I continued my search to find these unusual tees.


There are alot of t-shirts and vests on the high street for men that are channelling the dip dye trend and of course a increased number of striped tops but none that have the same idea as these shown above. 

HOWEVER. I did manage to stumble upon this example, just before I was about to admit defeat. Quite surprisingly the designers at New Look must be avid Geordie Shore fans as they have released this t-shirt at a mere £9.99.

This design from New Look is close but I would love to find out where the boys have brought theirs. As I continue my search I can honestly say I never thought Geordie Shore would be leading the way in the style stakes. Or maybe I have got it wrong? Instead is there a reason the high street appear not to be embracing this trend?

What do you think?



  1. Love this blog... and particularly enjoyed the inside Geordie Shore joke.
    Look forward to reading more as I'm a big fan of high street fashion too!

  2. Gaz from Geordie Shore tweeted, they are from :) thought you might want to know!

  3. Thanks Hannah, and what a find! Literally been hunting around for ages! :)


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