Sunday, 4 March 2012

How to...Sale Shop

(I did this video quickly a few months ago for a job application, hence the cheesy introduction..)

I love a bargain. My wardrobe is filled with amazing sale finds, just look at my outfit in this video for an example. I grabbed the last pair of leather shorts in a River Island sale a couple of years ago, and have worn them to death. They were a steal at £30. My jumper too was only £20 in the Wallis sale and I love the Chanel inspired design. As I spend a lot of my time sale shopping I thought I would comprise a little list of tips that I have accumulated throughout the years to sit alongside this video:

  • Before you leave the house always set a budget in your mind. For example, last weekend I said I wouldn’t buy an item over £10. Look to the right to see the goodies I managed to find as I was able to hunt through the higher priced items with a clear mind
  • Look for basics. It might sound boring but this is where you find items greatly discounted and ones you will wear every season. Head to Zara for great jumpers and cardigans for under £20.
  • Treat yourself to garments that you could never afford at full price. This is probably the most satisfying part of sale shopping, especially as a student. So, when you see that coat with 50% off do not hesitate!
  • Look for any stains or broken parts. If you see that your garment has a makeup stain always show the assistant at the till, they are more than likely to knock off another 10%. 
  • Haggle. I recently brought a clutch bag in Accessorize but it had a broken clasp, I spoke to the manager and after some awkward silences she knocked it down to £5!
  • Always ask if they do student discount. Normally, shops will not add the discount to items that are already in the sale but sometimes they will, so always ask just in case. 
  • Head to department stores. Here is where you find more unusual items as you can rifle through their concessions.  There is more choice and better discounts as they want to get through their stock. 
  • Take your time. Sale shopping should not be rushed and do expect to put many hours into rifling through the rails. 
  • Search ebay. This is where you can find real bargains as people put all their unwanted presents online. Many clothes go for under £5 and Sunday is the best day to buy. 

What is your best sale buy? Let me know by commenting below :)

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