Thursday, 15 March 2012

Alexa for Vero Moda



With Vero Moda's latest collection I can find little to fault. I have always loved the brand, wishing more and more each day that they would actually release a store in my area. Thankfully, they do inhibit bigger department stores, like House of Fraser, so I can still get my fix. Normally I pick up basic pieces. At the end of last summer I tried on a gorgeous parka but as I was low on money had to leave it behind. This was one of my biggest errors. I have since learnt my lesson and have promised that I will never pass an opportunity to snag some Moda.

There might be another reason that I love this collection so much. Alexa Chung has always been my style icon ever since she cut her hair and started to wear blouses. Whatever she wears immediately rises on my clothes shopping list as she always look so effortless stylish.

Hence why it comes as no surprise that I love pretty much every item. Here are a few of the garments that have already reached my online shopping basket. Unfortunately, I might not be able to checkout just yet...

Source: prices from left:
£41.75, £16.67, £29.21

Which is your favourite item from this range? 

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