Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Disco Pant & Me


A few weeks ago I finally caved. I recently purchased a pair of the black Disco Pant dupe by Glamorous but had to send them back due to an indecent hole. However because of their fantastic service (I was refunded the whole amount including postage, something which never happens with online sites), I decided to give them another try. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know I have been lusting after a pair of the original Disco Pants from American Apparel ever since I spotted them on one of my favourite bloggers:

When they arrived in the post I was so excited. This time I had opted for the navy which I immediately preferred as the colour was so striking. I also decided to go a size up...hopefully this would prevent any more holes. They were a better fit as they fit well around my waist but did not feel uncomfortable. The moment I put them on I felt confident and was ready for a night on the town.

Here are my pants! I teamed them with a silk blouse from Warehouse, grey wedges from Clarks and stud bag from Topshop. I decided to keep accessories to minimal with just some silver cross earrings from Miss Selfridge
I cannot rave about this trousers enough. They are priced at £29.99 so are a steal compared to the price tag on the Apparel ones. I normally strictly only feature high street products on this blog but could not resist writing about this find. The only difference is they are slightly thinner than the originals but I didn't notice much difference between the dupes and the American Apparel pants. ( I had to do some research into this trend so made sure I tried on the originals in the store before repurchasing these dupes).

I had such a fun night wearing them as you can tell from the below picture. Much to the amusement of my friends however I did manage to gain another unsightly hole by the end of the night... I would not let this put you off though. I believe Glamorous would not have intended them to be worn by someone pretending to be on the Olympic gymnastic team... Plus, after a quick stitch they are ready to be worn once more.

Let me know if you have purchased a pair of disco pants, whether they are the real deal or not! Have you seen a great high street copy?


  1. Those are pretty awesome pants :) The navy is a real twist on the normal black color too.

  2. Definitely Anni! I was so pleased with them. Glamorous have brought out gold ones too...trying hard to resist them! :)


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