Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Need Vs Want

We have all been there. As we innocently scour our favourite high street store observing items which we think are nice but thankfully not enough to spend the money we have yet to earn. But then, out of nowhere, you spot something which you suddenly realise is the item that will inject so much cool in your wardrobe you JUST.NEED.IT.NOW.

It is almost as if falling in love, your head feels dizzy as you wander over to the product to see if it is in your size. When you realise that yes, it fits like a glove, yes it looks better on your body than on the metal hanger, comes the crushing blow. The pricetag. Indeed Jessie J, 'everybody does have a price'.

Well, yesterday I had this moment. It was in Zara, a dangerous shop that does obtain many beautiful garments, and there it was hanging on its own beside a rack of jeans.



This photo does not do the Kimono justice, but maybe this is because I am viewing the item through rose tinted glasses. When I tried it on, suddenly the outfit I was wearing underneath looked even better, injecting an extra spark of style. But I left it in the store as the £39.99 pricetag somewhat tainted it for me.

Now, I cannot get it out of my mind, like a crazed lovefool. I have even researched into selling my old blackberry to stump up enough cash to pay for it.

But is it really worth it? Will I really wear it? Who knows, but I'll never know unless I buy it...

Have you ever had this problem?

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