My name is Lucinda, and I am a twenty one year old English Literature graduate who has a 'healthy' habit for shopping. Many might say I am addicted, as I can easily spend seven hours on the high street and still want to go back the next day. But I say I'm inspired. When I close my eyes at night I see dresses, and they aren't the designer ones I see in Vogue. It is always the ones on the high street.

Why I started 'I'm not wearing vintage'. 

Once I heard the statistic that 1 in 7 shops on the high street were being forced to shut down I realised it was time for change. Tired of all the blogs celebrating vintage? Envious that in reality you can't look that good in people's old clothes? Well, I was. Plus, I would look in my wardrobe and realise that I could look equally as unique in my favourite high street brands. This blog is celebrating our British high street and all the retailers that are producing fantastic clothes everyday. Follow my blog and tell me what you are buying, wearing and most of all why you love the high street.

Keep shopping! :) xo

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