Wednesday, 14 March 2012

How to get minted quick!

Unfortunately, I am not talking about a fantastic money making scheme that I have just dreamed up. This is a fashion blog after all. Instead I am going to show you how to find the key peices that follow my favourite trend this season: Mint! I absolutely adore this colour, and cannot wait to start wearing it. I do have a slight issue though, as with my pale skin and dark hair I might end up looking more ghost-like than chic. I have always steered clear of pastel shades but I really want to make an exception with this trend. So, I am taking the first step: my nails. ( I used No.7 nail polish in Minty Fresh)

I managed to take a picture of this by balancing my camera on my chin and starting the that is dedication to the cause!

I am slightly undecided about this colour as I normally stick to very safe colours. I could not survive without my red nail polish, but I really want to indulge in this colour more. What does everyone think? 

I have already resigned myself to the fact that all the gorgeous mint coloured blouses in Zara could never be worn by me. However, thankfully, the high street has some gorgeous alternative mint garments which I could certainly wear! Here are my favourites from River Island 

 These lovely jeans are perfect for spring, especially as they currently have £10 off, making them only £20! Thanks River Island! 

 These smart shorts, also by River Island are now  on my lust list at £28. I'll be wearing mine with a crop top and smart white blazer.

I love how mint is styled here. I would not have thought to team it with black but with the balance of feminine and masculine touches Topshop has proven they know how to style the trend!

If, unlike me, you can wear pastels near your face then I would recommend wearing this trend with silver. A cute mint dress worn with metallic accesorizes is perfect for summer and gives an edgy look rather than people mistakening you for an ice cream. I am picturing here a pale pink sweater and a mint dress. Just no. Here are my picks from Topshop:

First this gorgeous metallic jumper at £36, which would look great with these mint green patterned leggings at £20. I have also picked some silver and mint shoes at £60 and sunglasses at £14

 I have also checked out Miss Selfridge to see what they have to offer and this is my favourite item from their collection. I absolutely love all the maxi skirts that are in the shops at the moment, especially the ones styled like this example.

I would probably wear this skirt, £37, with a buttoned white shirt, flats, £25, and some costume jewellery, £10, for a fun day look.

So there you have it, a quick round up of what the mint trend has to offer on the British high street. I for one, cannot wait to get shopping and try this fabulously fresh trend. On a final note, if mint clothes are not your style, here is one final idea to experiment with this colour...

Thanks ManicMagazine for this inspiration!

Hiow have you styled this trend?


  1. So glad I came across this post! My friend recently send me a birthday present from Spain and it happened to be a mint dress.. which I love! And am glad to know it's the colour for Spring/Summer! Can I just add the Mint coloured jeans are also in Primark for a tenner for those people, like myself, who love a bargain! xx

    1. wonderful news Tasha! glad to hear you are embracing the mint trend! I may have to have a cheeky trip to primark tomorrow :) xoxo


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