Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Fair Play from Topman

Starting from today, Topman have launched a campaign named 'Fairtrade Fortnight' where they have created a capsule collection that contains only Fairtrade cotton. This is in honour of Fairtrade's 5 year anniversary and contains a variety of Aztec print t-shirts and vests embedded with the logo 'Take A Step'.
The designs are bright and quirky, meaning they are perfect to update your summer wardrobe. Also, if you purchase one of these garments you will be supporting farming communities in Cameroon, which results in feel-good fashion.
I am thrilled that Topman are promoting Fairtrade, especially with the current consensus that high street fashion is not ethically appropriate. I also think it is great how the prices of these t-shirts co-ordinate with normal Topman garments as I have seen how many ethical brands boost their prices because of the different use of materials. If more high street shops follow Topman’s lead I am sure many of us would buy Fairtrade.
Click here to view Topman's collection.

What do you think? Could Fairtrade fashion save the high streets reputation?

Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Geordie Split


There is one thing you should know about me. I love matching clothes on screen to ones that are in the shops. If someone says "oooh I love that dress Mercedes from Hollyoaks is wearing", I will find the exact one from Topshop. Recently I have had quite a few questions on where particular garments are from, and to my increasing smugness I have found them. However, there is one particular on screen fashion trend which I cannot find ANYWHERE. I am literally tearing my hair out over this challenge.

Does anyone watch Geordie Shore?

If you don't, you should and you will. Although it is completely shocking at times it is highly addictive and includes some quite trendy Geordie men. Have a look next week, MTV Tuesday at 10pm, and see two of the characters Gaz and James sporting some split design vests and t-shirts. Now, although you might have to look past the orange tan, they are pretty cool and my boyfriend keeps commenting on them. So I spent the rest of the evening scouring the internet for a good copy or the real deal. Nothing. Seriously. Where have these guys found a t-shirt which apparently no high street store owns? This is completely aggravating as a change in mens attire is about a frequent as James actually pulling a girl. (inside Geordie Shore joke, apologies.)

So, I continued my search to find these unusual tees.


There are alot of t-shirts and vests on the high street for men that are channelling the dip dye trend and of course a increased number of striped tops but none that have the same idea as these shown above. 

HOWEVER. I did manage to stumble upon this example, just before I was about to admit defeat. Quite surprisingly the designers at New Look must be avid Geordie Shore fans as they have released this t-shirt at a mere £9.99.

This design from New Look is close but I would love to find out where the boys have brought theirs. As I continue my search I can honestly say I never thought Geordie Shore would be leading the way in the style stakes. Or maybe I have got it wrong? Instead is there a reason the high street appear not to be embracing this trend?

What do you think?


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Book Clutch: the new 'It' bag

Currently, my friends and I are going crazy for the latest flurry of book clutches that have been seen on the red carpet. It was first brought to my attention when I saw Michelle Williams clutching one at the BAFTAS. It resembled a book by Arthur Miller and although she just missed out on an award, as she held her clutch and posed in a bespoke H&M gown she look the picture of style.


But Williams is not the first celebrity to embrace this fabulously fictional trend. Last year, at the Black Swan premier Natalie Portman was seen to be holding a similar clutch. The bag pictured here is by Olympia le Tan.


I absolutely love this trend and if I had a spare £300 this would be my perfect book clutch. This bag is by Kate Spade and it illustrates my favourite piece of literature. If I was seen carrying one of these at University it might be the first time I actually remember to bring my book to a lecture..

Do you think this trend is more fashionable than actually practical? Have you seen a version on the high street?

Perfect Prints: Mary Katrantzou for Topshop


Designer collaborations for the high street is something of the norm these days, and I say, keep them coming! There is nothing that gets me more excited than when I see another of my favourite designers has joined forces with my favourite high street store.

 Versace for H&M was one of my highlights as for such a luxe brand to be interested in a collaborative effort is no mean feat. 

But now, there is the up and coming designer Mary Katrantzou who I have championed since her first collections in 2008. Her keen eye for prints always kept me interested. This season she has designed a capsule collection for Topshop which sold out in a matter on hours. This is hardly surprising seeing as the garments are both striking and flattering due to their  original structuring and intricate prints. I love this collection for the high street as it injects some catwalk cool with affordable prices. 

The gorgeous printed leggings which I cannot wait to get my hands on come at a mere £40. Plus, if you fancy buying the dress that Poppy Delevigne wore to the Elle Style Awards it comes at the price of £350. If it is good enough for the celebrity wardrobe, it would be rude not too! Although the collection is sold out online it will be in stores soon. So, I'll see you in the queue! 

How would you style these amazing prints?


Sunday, 12 February 2012

Top Blogger: Top 5 Best Fashion Blogs

As I am determined to make this blog successful , the first thing I needed to do was check out what other fashion bloggers had done with their space on the world wide web. Here are a few of the bloggers that I think are ahead of the fashion pack and have created spaces that are both interesting and inspiring.


1. http://www.iwantyoutoknow.co.uk/

This is a wonderfully personal blog by Kristabel Plummer, a 24 year old fashion knitwear graduate from London. By one glance it has given me so much inspiration. Highlights of this blog include the special giveaways that the blogger organizes for her readers, the amazing photos of things she wants us to know and the kooky background to the blog that she designed herself. I also love this blog as she talks about her experiences of fashion in New York, one of my favourite places in the world. This blog has been featured in Asos, The Guardian and Cosmopolitan and many more.


2. http://www.pangcakes.com/
This blog is by a 19 year old called Yin Pang, who is a student and sales assistant at H&M. I have chosen to recommend this blog because I love the way she advertises H&M, making their clothes look original and quirky. This will be a great reference for my high street blog! Her pictures are also really interesting and she is even selling her unwanted clothes on the site, something that I have never seen before. The layout of the blog is also very clean and easy to read so I will definitely revisit for design ideas.

3. http://frugal-fashionistas.com/
This blog is focussed on how to achieve a celebrity look for less. The layout is fantastic as they have designed each post as if it is a page in a magazine, making the blog look professional and easy to read. The blog uses shops from America to achieve to look so it would be good to incorporate this idea for a more British feel. The blog is also interactive as they ask their followers to vote on their favourite look. There is also a section where you can ask the bloggers to find you a specific item that you have been lusting after. A great blog that really caters for their followers. 


I am a magazine girl through and through so this blog got me very excited! It is dedicated to magazines and trawls through many to give you the best fashion news so you don’t have to. This is a fabulous idea as it will help me with the latest fashion news from a wide number of sources.  Aside from her magazine commentary she also has a thread on the side of the blog which shows the bloggers favourite buys of the week. I love this blog so much I wish I had thought of this idea first!

Source: Versace's collection for H&M in Cardiff.
5. http://www.cardifffashion.com/
This blog is created by Gwyneth Moore who wanted to share her love for fashion and style. It focuses on representing emerging talent in and around Wales, so it is a great blog to reference as I am blogging from Swansea. However, the blog is not just niche to this as it also encourages more general fashion posts. The Guardian is a big fan of the blog and recommends it frequently.

Who is your favourite fashion blogger and why?

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Time for a Revival: I'm not wearing Vintage


Why and when did the phenomenon of wearing vintage explode?

I remember when there would be cries of disbelief that people would want to wear second hand clothes. And now? I almost feel ashamed to show off my new high street outfit. Suddenly the right choice these days is to spend your pennies on clothes that have a delightful aroma of out of date perfume. Now, don't get me wrong, it is nice to occasionally nip into a charity shop and find an usual piece of jewellery that will look great with my new dress, but whenever I have tried to embrace the 'buying actual clothes part' they always remain at the back of my wardrobe. 

Quite frankly old clothes just do not excite me. 

Kate Moss models for Mango 2012

And why would they, when on my doorstep we have shops filled with affordable creative designs in good quality fabrics. The high street receives so much bad press that people fail to acknowledge how lucky we are to have so much choice within clothing. Shopping for me is like visiting a museum, I find it enriching rifling through the rails and seeing the innovative designs there. Places like Topshop are even transgressing onto the catwalk with their Topshop Unique range. But I worry that all too soon the boarded up shops that are becoming a regular sighting will stamp the end of our high street.


 As I surveyed the sight of a closed La Senza I realised it was time for a change before, sadly, it is too late. A couple of months ago I went to review a River Island student lock in. I stood in the enormous queue waiting for the shop doors to open. Not even the pouring rain dampening my spirits. It proved there are still people out there who value our high street.

I have started this blog to illustrate how wonderful our British high street is and hope to bring the focus back on our retailers. As i am an avid high street shopper I hope I can bring my ideas on what to wear this season and how to get the look with high street garments. My target audience is anyone who believes: out with the old and in with the new! Keep reading if you love the high street, never wear vintage but still feel you have a quirky individual style!


Happy Shoppers: students queuing up in Swansea waiting for an exclusive discount at River Island
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