Thursday, 26 July 2012

Marks and Spencer in Fashion Crisis?

My complete Marks and Spencer outfit at £43 (shoes, bag, necklace not inc)

Recently I have been hearing with great sadness that Marks and Spencer's has been struggling in the current economic climate. It has been reported that they have had a 6.8% fall in sales of general merchandise, the worst they have had in three years. This illustrates that the British store, which has been around for 128 years could be in jeopardy. 

When I heard this news I was admittedly confused. The brand have, in my eyes, only been improving. With their ranges like Limited Collection and Autograph they now appeal to the younger adult, and their basics are still fantastic quality. But unfortunately my opinion appears to be the minority. Kate Bostock, who has been the head of clothing for Marks and Spencer's for the past eight years has reportedly had to step down due to these low figures.

 I can only say I am baffled. Marks and Spencer's never falters with quality, their prices are still completely competitive against the other high street stores and they do create stylish garments. But something must have changed. Maybe their attempts at re-branding, with fancy adverts and celebrity models, have not been quite as effective as they, and indeed I, first thought. 

Marks and Spencer's do not try to be Topshop, or Urban or even Zara. But this does not mean that if you like these shops you should rule out M&S. Recently I checked out their sale and found this gorgeous pink blazer for £20. These on-trend silky pyjama pants were also in the sale at £20 and there was this pale pink tank at £4. That is under £50 for an outfit I know I will wear again and again because of the high quality of the fabrics and great fit. 

Hopefully this outfit will inspire you to take a look inside M&S again and see what they have to offer. Please let me know on what you think of this topic. What can Marks and Spencer's do to compete with the other high street retailers? 

I love this pink blazer because it is so versatile, perfect for summer days&nights: £20

These trousers are a great fit, hiding my tummy and accentuating my waist: £20

I accessorised by adding this Topshop chain necklace (old) and Clarks stud sandals (old)

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