Sunday, 8 July 2012

River Island Sale: Extra 50 per cent Off with Wristbands

So, I haven't blogged for a week as I have been super busy getting lots of nice content for you and trying to squeeze in job interviews here and there. It has been such an amazing week, with some lows and highs, but by the end, I have finally managed to get a summer job! I am so delighted as it means I can keep trying out all the latest trends for you lot, and finally purchase some disco pants! Before I write about about Wireless Festival and what I've been wearing this week I want to share with you my first ever 8am sale at River Island.
So much fun at the , so worth the early morning as I bagged one of these!! 

I discovered that River Island where holding an early bird advantage sale on Monday- a mere day before the event. It was hardly advertised, but thanks to Twitter, some information on a special wristband caught me eye. If you were one of the first people to enter a River Island shop when they opened for their sale you would be lucky enough to gain a wristband that entitled you to four items with an extra 50 per cent off. This was too big a bargain to resist! As my local store only had 32 wristbands available I got to the shop the next morning at 6.45am. When I explained this to my nearest and dearest they thought the whole idea was madness. But when I arrived I was the first one in the queue, all too late realising that I should have had an extra hour in bed.

6.45, a bizarrely quiet high street. 
As it started to rain I huddled by the shop, marking my place in the ghostly queue. Soon more people joined me and the excitement grew as students waited before they would have to rush to school. One shopper explained how last year the crowd had been frenzied, with many turning up five minutes before the doors opened and pushing to the front. Last year you could also buy up to ten items with the extra discount.

More students joined the queue, all excitedly discussing what they would buy and joining me as we peered through the windows to plan out what we would buy. One mother tried to calm her daughter, explaining that she did not necessarily need anything and to just have fun. She rolled her eyes in exasperation.

Soon, the doors opened and the wristbands were handed out in a very relaxed way-no pushing or shoving. Thus, so began my first early morning sale shopping experience. I would high recommend it. You are able to rifle through the rails at a calm pace, and you get first pick of all the goodies in an excited atmosphere.

my bargain £6 skirt, the belt alone would cost more than that!

I managed to bag a high low grey jersey skirt for £6, a white camisole for £5, a navy striped blazer for £10 and some plain black trousers for work at £7.50. At under £30, I have never had better bargains!

this blazer sold out in under 2 days at my local store!

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