Friday, 20 July 2012

The Graduate Girl

Possibly the most uncomfortable outfit I have ever worn, the cap and gown will never make the catwalk. Here I am with my gorgeous boyfriend who wears Ted Baker. 
How did 12 days go so fast? I cannot believe my last post was such a long time ago. But please forgive me, as I have been uber busy trying out too many different jobs, then finally donning my cap and gown for my graduation (!). I have seen that lots of bloggers have done Instragram posts of their week so as I have been trying to take more pictures to illustrate my current chaos! 

Graduation was probably my hardest fashion challenge as there were so many factors to consider. I needed something that was quite long to contain my dignity as I did not fancy showing the audience my underwear. Then it needed to be a colour that actually went with the gown-I went navy as it is my favourite colour and complemented my University colours of claret and silver. I opted for a nude blazer too, but slightly regretted this as it would have probably looked better in silver. However it looked nice with my ankle cuff shoes from River Island so it did not bother me too much. I kept the look pretty simple with only some pearls to add a small touch as the gown is so fussy and heavy anyway! 

I saw some really beautiful outfits by some of the other graduates. My favourite being a yellow prom puff dress a la Carrie Brandshaw which one graduate chose, she told me later it was especially made for the occasion! The peplum was also a popular choice and I think Zara wins the high street graduate prize as many outfits had undoubtedly been brought in their store! It was a memorable day and for any other fellow graduates out there, congratulations! 

Mum & Me: She wears Coast dress and Minuet shrug, I wear Urban Outfitters lace dress, Warehouse jacket and belt

My gorgeous disco pants by Glamorous, but they had a rip in them so I had to send them back :(. Top by River Island, kimono by Zara and heart necklace by Miss Selfridge

This was the outfit I wore to travel in; skirt by Warehouse, top by Topshop, fringed waistcoat by H&M 

Basically bored in the car to Swansea so I admired my nude nails and St Tropez spray tan by Champneys after reading this months Company magazine.

After 3 amazing years, I will never forget this place. 
So, that is a small snapshot of my past week. Now its back to the wonderful world of the high street and everything it has to offer. 

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