Friday, 7 September 2012

The Perfect Jacket for Autumn '12

My favourite jacket bought last season from Zara, which will be worn once more in Spring 2013

For me, I am neither a handbag or shoe kind of girl. I never get giddy over a new pair of shoes, in fact trying to find a pair of shoes that fit is always such a hassle I choose just not to look at my feet. (That explains why I rarely show my feet in outfit posts then..). Don't get me wrong I do get excited when I have a new bag to stuff all my junk into, but then I think I love it all a little too much. All too soon the straps break and I am left with a sorry state of leather.

Jackets however, never let me down. I still have hanging in my wardrobe a velvet jacket from Topshop my mum bought me about seven years ago. It was one of my first 'fashion' buys and although it is a tight squeeze I always feel great when I put it on. I just remember the excitement in my stomach as my mum said she would treat me and feeling so grown up when I wore it that Christmas.

A jacket can transform an outfit, making jeans and t-shirt suddenly a statement. In the same way as I will always champion costume jewellery, it is the finishing touch.

This season in particular has got me very excited about my favourite layer as there is so much choice. Do I want a new parka? Maybe a bomber? Or even the lavishly embellished one? Luckily the high street has some great options. Here is a simple guide of what to wear this season following your favourite trends from last season.
A bomber or a slouch jacket is perfect, from left: River Island £80, Zara £19.99 and Topshop £55
Muted shades are still in, from left: River Island £60, H&M £39.99 and Warehouse now £40

Keep the peplum shape or stay feminine with a bouclĂ© jacket, from left: Topshop £45, Mango £59.99 and Miss Selfridge £30
The military parka is all over the high street or opt for a bright berry, the colour of the season. From left: River Island £55, H&M £29.99 and Topshop £58

My boyfriend bought me the River Island leather mix parka before he left to go travelling. Whenever I wear it I am instantly comforted whilst he is away. I suppose every jacket tells a story.

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