Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Quality over Quanity: New In the High Street

Currently I am going through a lot of changes and experiencing so much that fashion is almost taking a back seat. For those who are not regular readers of my blog, a quick sum up. I have recently moved to Cardiff and started my dream post grad course of Magazine Journalism at the University. Alongside getting to grips with a new course and living in a new city I just have not had the time to shop! Which is completely insane seeing as I live so close to one of the greatest high streets I have ever seen, including a HUGE Topshop FYI. But, before I tackle the shops this weekend I thought I would do some research into what I should be investing my money in this season. I am bored of buying things in the sales which I wear once and throw away. Although I love a bargain I seemed to have lost sight of quality over quantity. Anyway, here is what I need to be buying on the high street:

Both Topshop: Jumper £42 and Skirt £36
For a while now I have been lusting after the matching suits that are filling the high street stores. Warehouse currently do an amazing concoction of jacquard printed outfits that would look amazing in the office but also as a transitional outfit into the evening. However I have never treated myself as my head has always asked, "when on earth would you wear that?" After all, I am not in the office just yet. Hence my excitement over seeing this two piece from Topshop as I believe it offers a more casual nod to the look. I love the fact it is a jumper and skirt which would look amazing together but work equally as well as separates. This is the sort of thing I would never normally buy, but really should. It is the perfect on trend outfit that could be worn many ways!

Zara jewel shoe: £99.99
Okay. Yes. This shoe is £100, and I am a student who cannot afford a Nandos at the moment, but, bear with me. I never spend a fortune on shoes, my mum has always told me to buy leather ones as they are the only ones that last but because I am such a heavy footed walker (attractive) I seem to ruin those as well  However when I spotted these on Zara online I just thought, wow, what a statement. Everywhere from Primark to Mango there are studded shoes on the high street but never ones that quite look like these. I could dress them up or down and they would make even a t-shirt and jean combo look stylish. Can you tell I am trying to convince my bank balance that this is a great buy?

Urban Outfitters Bomber Jacket £95

Urban Outfitters cross skirt £28

Urban Outfitters leggings £28
Urban has some amazing items that are currently new in stock! I was spoiled for choice searching this site and will definitely make it my first stop this weekend. I have been looking for a bomber for ages, but wanted one that would suit the colder months. This one is perfect, but the price tag is slightly high. Maybe I should start playing the lottery? This skirt also caught my eye as I do not own many and I love the on trend cross print. Finally these lavish leggings will jazz up my over-sized t-shirts or under dresses.

River Island t-shirt dress £32
There is so much in River Island at the moment, it really is one of their best seasons. I have managed to get two great dresses in there recently which will work for day or night (outfit post soon) with the student discount that is in Company Magazine. It is only £1 this month and a discount in River Island is so rare so quickly go grab your own copy before October hits. This t-shirt dress is basically what I always try and buy when I go shopping but never do. I think my reasoning is £30 is a lot of money for a plain grey dress but I always forget that I really need more day dresses. I wish my wardrobe was just dresses really as then wouldn't getting ready in the morning be so much easier?

So these are my favorite high street pieces that are in store at the moment, what do you think? Have you decided to change your shopping habits?


  1. I love all the choices. It is so true that we tend to lose sight of quality over quantity!! Maybe I will get to making a bucket list for shopping this season soon!

    btw All the very best with the course and u have fun in the new place!!! I am sure u will rock it!


    1. thank you so much for your lovely comment :) xo

  2. I love Urban Outfitters, it always stocks something that little bit different - and its sales are amazing!

    Thanks so much for popping by my blog. Just stumbled across yours, love it! xx

  3. That cross skirt is TDF!!! Great price too, thanks for the recommendation!


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