Sunday, 2 September 2012

Recycling the High Street: Ebay

leather Trousers, denim shirt, embellished skirt and basic blouse all available for bids on Ebay

This summer has been a struggle as my search for a job was fruitless. But my salvation has been Ebay as I have auctioned off my past high street buys to others. Throughout the past months I have kept up the habit and it has given me some much needed money. The irony that this money has been spent on more high street clothes has not been lost on me. It is just an endless cycle.

Today I have spent the whole day sorting through my wardrobe, putting nearly thirty items onto Ebay in the hope that others will love what I now cannot afford to keep. If you would like to see what I am auctioning, (today it ranges from leather trousers to cute embellished skirts) then please have a look at my ebay account HERE.

If you do fancy bidding on some of my items lovely bloggers, then please let me know. If you win I will give you free postage as a thank you :)

Have you relied on Ebay this summer? What has been your best ebay purchase?

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