Friday, 7 September 2012

Temporary:Secretary Jewellery Lucky Dip

Here I am wearing, TU jeans, River Island jacket, Warehouse blouse and jewellery by Temporary Secretary. 

Temporary:Secretary is a UK fashion and style blog that has great pictures and content but also a fantastic personality. When I read other blogs I like to feel invited into their stylish world. Temporary:Secretary does just that. A few weeks ago I discovered that there was a jewellery store attached to the blog so I decided to take a look. The items range from ice cream earrings to moustache necklaces all at reasonable prices. If you like quirky pieces then this is definitely the place for you to search. They also do a 'lucky dip' section where you can purchase 5 mystery items for £10 or 12 items for £20. As there was too much choice, I decided to take the risk and ordered my lucky dip. 

Below are the results! When they arrived at my doorstep I was delighted to see the effort the company had gone to to make sure my items were delivered in great condition. Beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon, each item came in a little bag. I also received a free gift, a cute charm bracelet, with my order. I could not have been more chuffed, even my mum was impressed! She said it was like christmas!

balloon necklace

ring and bird earrings

apple core necklace

the beautiful packaging and free gift
I was so pleased with all my items-so the risk certainly paid off. I also received a great multi-coloured chunky bracelet which is not shown here because my camera decided to run out of battery! The balloon necklace and ring went perfectly with my outfit today so I know I will wear all these items. I think the lucky dip concept is a great idea as a birthday present for your friends due to its pretty packaging! Not to mention the cute designs that are stocked at Temporary:Secretary, who can't love an apple core necklace?!


  1. Love your outfit! The pink with the lace jacket are so sweet together! And that collar! SO cute!


  2. I love this ensemble :) esp the warehouse blouse.

  3. love the warehouse blouse :)

    1. thank you :) it was a great sale find! xo

  4. Such a great idea, and you got some lovely things! I'm popping over there now to make a purchase x

    1. fantastic! it is such a treat when it is sent to you, I love the element of surprise :) xo


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