Saturday, 11 February 2012

Time for a Revival: I'm not wearing Vintage


Why and when did the phenomenon of wearing vintage explode?

I remember when there would be cries of disbelief that people would want to wear second hand clothes. And now? I almost feel ashamed to show off my new high street outfit. Suddenly the right choice these days is to spend your pennies on clothes that have a delightful aroma of out of date perfume. Now, don't get me wrong, it is nice to occasionally nip into a charity shop and find an usual piece of jewellery that will look great with my new dress, but whenever I have tried to embrace the 'buying actual clothes part' they always remain at the back of my wardrobe. 

Quite frankly old clothes just do not excite me. 

Kate Moss models for Mango 2012

And why would they, when on my doorstep we have shops filled with affordable creative designs in good quality fabrics. The high street receives so much bad press that people fail to acknowledge how lucky we are to have so much choice within clothing. Shopping for me is like visiting a museum, I find it enriching rifling through the rails and seeing the innovative designs there. Places like Topshop are even transgressing onto the catwalk with their Topshop Unique range. But I worry that all too soon the boarded up shops that are becoming a regular sighting will stamp the end of our high street.


 As I surveyed the sight of a closed La Senza I realised it was time for a change before, sadly, it is too late. A couple of months ago I went to review a River Island student lock in. I stood in the enormous queue waiting for the shop doors to open. Not even the pouring rain dampening my spirits. It proved there are still people out there who value our high street.

I have started this blog to illustrate how wonderful our British high street is and hope to bring the focus back on our retailers. As i am an avid high street shopper I hope I can bring my ideas on what to wear this season and how to get the look with high street garments. My target audience is anyone who believes: out with the old and in with the new! Keep reading if you love the high street, never wear vintage but still feel you have a quirky individual style!


Happy Shoppers: students queuing up in Swansea waiting for an exclusive discount at River Island

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  1. I love your layout on this blog, it's so easy to navigate and simple enough that it doesn't distract the eye from your content. I think the topic you've chosen is brilliant, not enough focus is made on high street buys as everyone is obsessed with vintage these days! Favourite section is definitely the 'buy of the week'! Love it. :)


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