Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Fair Play from Topman

Starting from today, Topman have launched a campaign named 'Fairtrade Fortnight' where they have created a capsule collection that contains only Fairtrade cotton. This is in honour of Fairtrade's 5 year anniversary and contains a variety of Aztec print t-shirts and vests embedded with the logo 'Take A Step'.
The designs are bright and quirky, meaning they are perfect to update your summer wardrobe. Also, if you purchase one of these garments you will be supporting farming communities in Cameroon, which results in feel-good fashion.
I am thrilled that Topman are promoting Fairtrade, especially with the current consensus that high street fashion is not ethically appropriate. I also think it is great how the prices of these t-shirts co-ordinate with normal Topman garments as I have seen how many ethical brands boost their prices because of the different use of materials. If more high street shops follow Topman’s lead I am sure many of us would buy Fairtrade.
Click here to view Topman's collection.

What do you think? Could Fairtrade fashion save the high streets reputation?

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