Friday, 24 August 2012

How to Style a Football Shirt with High Street Fashion

This was, without a smudge of doubt, my hardest challenge. Football shirts are just a shapeless mass. How on earth was I going to make this semi-cool and fashion forward? On Saturday I am going to see my team (!) for the first time. I have supported Aston Villa since I was about nine, I think in an attempt to look cool in front of my older brother. Even though they hardly ever win (sorry guys) I have never wavered my support. But on Saturday I will be damned if I cant show my support and look nice. So after much thought all week I finally attempted to style the shirt. 

Here I am wearing: H&M dungarees sale £10, Aston Villa football shirt Ebay £5.00, necklace Topshop sale £4, shoes Topshop sale £12, socks M&S
After my post about dungarees (see here) I realised I needed to get myself a pair! By complete luck I found these in H&M for a mere £10 in the sale, hanging on the rail alone. I absolutely love it when that happens; when the high street offers exactly what you need. They are slightly large but luckily it does not matter with dungarees as you can wear them baggy. 

I had tried a denim skirt with the football shirt but it just looked too much, and I did not want to go for the safe option and just add jeans. Dungarees were the perfect alternative. At first I thought a statement necklace would make the shirt look better but soon realised I just looked OTT. I loved my new shoes with white socks though so decided to keep them in the look. Here is my final attempt: 

H&M dungarees, Topshop shoes, M&S socks as before but added a Zara padded jacket sale £29.99 and Forever 21 necklace (old)

By adding a jacket and taking away the statement necklace I am finally happy with the styling. I like how the jacket hides a bit of the dungarees so it is a bit more subtle and ties in nicely with my white socks. This Forever 21 necklace is perfect for adding fun to my outfit and does not distract completely from the shirt. Even though the shoes do clash, I surprisingly still love them as I think it brightens up the outfit.

What do you think? Have I managed to style a football shirt?!


  1. You're the first girl i've seen who makes football jersey looks damn good! I like it! xxx

    1. thank you :) it took a lot of thinking and styling to get there though! xoxo


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