Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Jewellery Reload through H&M

Since the sales hit a few months ago I have been waiting for my favourite custom jewellery to drop to ridiculous prices. Remember when Topshop used to drop their necklaces to £1 and make it buy one get one free!? Unfortunately those times have changed and nowadays you are lucky to pick up something for under a fiver.

For my style accessories are key. When I don't have time to throw an outfit together with great precision I find a statement necklace can make all the difference. Today I rifled through H&M and found these two beauties waiting for me. They were buy one get one free (my favourite kind of offer) so at £7.99 for both I was pretty chuffed.

My camera has gone AWOL, so Instagram has saved me! 

This perspex necklace as been something I have debated buying for a few weeks now. I know what you are thinking, what drove me to purchase something that looks like a tacky pub golf visor? But I think its quirky and will totally make the most uninteresting outfit, well, interesting.

Have you purchased some statement accessories recently? Please let me know if you have found any bargains too!


  1. Love the perspex necklace. Haven't seen it over here yet.

    1. thanks for the comment :) just checked out your blog and love the concept! I am a massive sale shopper so love it! I just followed you and would love it if you could follow me back via google connect :) xo


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