Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bare Face & Lots of Lace

For some random reason I decided to take pictures today without any make-up. Normally I would make sure I had some blush and powder at least, but I thought it would be nice to blog completely natural. I have read a lot of outfit posts through the past year and always wondered whether they actually leave the house completely made up and wearing such extravagant clothes as we see. 
Well, this is what I look like today. I love these trousers from Dorothy Perkins as they are so comfy but still make me feel presentable. I always wear this lace shirt from Primark with them as I love the lace inserts mixed with the flower print. Finally I added these collar clips as I did not fancy piling on the jewellery today. I most probably won't leave the house as I have so many things to do. Hence the bare face! Whenever I know I'm staying in I always try to let my face breathe. 

I have also changed my make-up routine as I was getting tired of my skin breaking out due to an overload of foundation. I took the plunge a few weeks ago and tried No.7 BB cream and it has worked wonders. My skin is looking healthier already! 

Here I am wearing trousers by Dorothy Perkins which were in the sale at £9, then lace top from Primark at £7. I got the collar clips on Ebay for a couple of pounds :) 
Sorry for the quick post, but I need to write my next instalment for The on my blogging adventures and pack for a mini break tomorrow! Please let me know if you always make sure you look your best for your outfit posts, or sometimes like me, you just want to bare all! 

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  1. Im loving the outfit, you look super pretty!
    Im following you :)



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