Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Best of The Sales: Topshop


Topshop is the Queen of the sales. They reduce their clothes enough to make your eyes pop when you see the new price tag, and always add their popular and coolest items to the sale rails. It always pays with Topshop to wait and see if your must-have item will appear in the sales- as normally it does! I have tried to remain calm this season, and gone for items that I have wanted for ages, or that I know are investments. Here are my top three: 

Roksanda Ilincic for Topshop, pumps and sweatshirt, all £15

When I saw this t-shirt hiding amongst the rails and rails of bargains I could not grab it fast enough. To celebrate 10 years of Topshop supporting British fashion, the retailer released a selection of t-shirts by designers for us to purchase. However at £30 they remained a 'wish-list' item! But, (thank you lucky fashion stars) I found this gorgeous, peter pan collar, quirky t-shirt designed by Roksanda Ilincic for a mere £15! Delighted does not cover it!

I have been hunting for the perfect pair of plain black pumps for a while now so when I saw these at the back of the shop I knew I had to buy them. As they are leather and have a thick sole they will be perfect for all my shopping excursions!

This sweatshirt was an item that I had nearly brought at full price, but thankfully decided that my loan could not handle another Topshop spree! At £15 I decided that it was fate, so snapped it up! I will be channelling my inner Jessie J when I wear this! 

Although I have had some really great purchases I suffered a massive disappointed today. For the first time in a while I did not follow my own advice about sale shopping. Taking a trip to the changing room is a necessity when you hit the sales as it is always best to consider that the items might be reduced because they have a dodgy fit. However, when I saw these beautiful printed trousers below I knew that I had to have them. There was only one pair! And in my size! 

So I brought them, hoping that they would be a perfect fit-they had to be, surely? I even grabbed this clutch bag on the way to the till because it matched the trousers. Unfortunately I had made a massive error as when I returned home I found them to be too tight. Devastation ensued, but I have learnt my lesson. No matter how lovely your sale items may be, always head to the changing room first. Less haste more trying on!

What have been your sale successes and disasters? Please share in the comment box below!

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