Sunday, 1 April 2012

1,000 views encounting: Step by step to marketing your blog


I have finally achieved my first target for my blog. A thousand views is such a great milestone to hit, but now it is time to figure out how to keep those views going up and up. Although this is a happy moment for me, in reality a thousand views in a couple of months is hardly going to get me noticed. I need to market my blog, and here is how I am going to do it. Then maybe, just maybe, I'll be celebrating a 100,000 views one day.
1. Work hard. I need to update my blog at least a couple of times a week with lots of interesting material to keep my readers coming back for more. It is easy to be lazy with blogging but with this hobby, attentiveness pays. Literally.
Are you a professional blogger? Do you have any extra tips?
2. Catchy headlines. If I have an interesting headline to my post, with key words in the title, it means that it will increase my search engine optimization.
3. Design. I really want to improve the layout of my blog. After some research, skimming through many of the most popular fashion blogs, I have seen that they all have added their own logo or picture to their title. I plan to do this and add Alt Text to the header as it will increase the amount of people that could find my blog.
4. Tags. I found this really useful when I was trying to promote my Tumblr account, as the minute I added labels to my pictures more people were able to re-blog and find my photos.
5. Social networking. I have found this already to be massively beneficial when trying to promote my blog. Every time I write a new post I always add the link to my Facebook and Twitter account. Twitter is especially useful as you can tag the celebrity that you are writing about. This means that everyone that searches for the celebrity will see my post.
6. Marketing. Aside from using social networking sites, I plan to promote my blog by handing out cards with the blog name on to people who are interested in fashion. This will hopefully push them to be intrigued and go find out what I am blogging about. I am also going to contact other bloggers in my field, so build up contacts and offer to guest blog. I am currently already writing for the online fashion magazine, so hopefully I can promote my blog there in the future.
7. Be unique. I really want to stand out from the crowd with this blog. I plan to do this by focussing my attention more on writing than pretty pictures. A lot of blogs tend to have a lot of pictures of the blogger with what they are wearing. This is fantastic for inspiration, but as I currently do not have a high quality camera, I plan to be more about fashion news. Hopefully this will make my blog be something that people will want to keep reading.
So there we have it, my top 7 tips to keep my blog on track and help promote it all over the web.  

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