Thursday, 5 April 2012

Topshop's Latest Summer Treats


Last week I was sunbathing on a beach and now I am wrapped up in a winter coat, rubbing my hands by a radiator. The change in weather is enough to get anyone down, but thankfully Topshop is not allowing the bad weather put them off producing some really cute summer accessorises. Here are my top picks from their latest collection that they dub 'Pageant Princess'.

This metallic rucksack would look great with all the pastel shades around at the moment. At £38 it would be the perfect summer treat.

You cannot beat a cute pete pan collar and this beaded example would add a nice touch to a plain tee at £16

A quirky ring always adds interest to an outfit and this heart shaped one is great at £6.50
If the weather keeps being gloomy these lip tights are sure to brighten up your outfit. These are immediately on my wish list at a price of £10

These cute ice cream earrings are a snip at £6.50 and will hopefully bring the ice cream van back onto your street.

Those are my top five favourite pieces from the new Topshop collection. They brought a smile to my face this afternoon and I hope they did for you too!

What are your favourite Topshop spring/summer items?

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