Saturday, 21 April 2012

Street style at Vogue Festival champion the high street!


Firstly, apologises that my posts have been a bit few and far between lately, I have had a busy Easter getting prepared for my final exams and essays. But that hasn't stopped me keeping a keen eye on high street fashion! I have managed to squeeze in a few shopping trips (of course) and picked up some absolute bargains-pictures to follow!

But something else has caught my eye these past few days and that is the very first (!) Vogue festival! I am absolutely gutted that I missed out on getting tickets for this event but thankfully with their regular updates online and tweets I have felt like I was there. Interestingly as I scoured through some pictures of the fashionistas that attended the event I saw that a lot of them were wearing items from our fabulous high street! There were a few ahem 'vintage' items, but mostly they all looked chic and fabulous dressed top to toe in our high street retailers. Here are a few of my favourites, and hopefully they demonstrate that you can look quirky and original without opting for someone else's old clothes.
Karie Bonington, student

“My style is classic with a twist. Today I’m wearing a Miss Selfridge skirt, a shirt from Madewell, a New Look jacket and boots from Topshop.
Source: Vogue
Claudia Tanner-Hammond, student

“I’m really excited to be here. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the Vogue Festival. Today I’m wearing a Miss Selfridge jacket and trousers from Primark.
Source: Vogue 
Laura Sophie Landschof, student

“I’m wearing a jacket from Forever 21 and the rest of the outfit is from Zara.
Source: Vogue 
Sam Fox, trend researcher

“I’m wearing a dress from Cos, Topshop boots and a bag from H&M. My style is quite relaxed.”
Source: Vogue

Anna Howes, marketing manager 

“I’m wearing Topshop trousers with a shirt and bag from H&M. The boots are from Office and the jacket is from French Connection.” 
Source: Vogue

Did any of you manage to get tickets to this fabulous two day event? If you did, what did you wear? Please comment below and tell us how you styled high street fashion! 

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